When conventional stainless steel liners can't overcome offsets and sizing issues FURAN FLEX CAN!
  • Eliminates Costly Breaching Repairs
  • Stabilizes Existing Masonry Chimney Structure From the Inside Out
  • Bypass Extreme Chimney Offsets With Ease
  • No Need for Costly, Potentially Failing, Mechanically Induced Draft Fans
Residential & Commercial * 100% Success Rate * UL Listed
Furan Flex is designed to minimalize the risk and need of breaching multiple points of the chimney structure during a conventional chimney lining system installation. Furan Flex will gently glide down the most difficult of multi-pivot chimney interior construction, ideal for the commercial industry. Furan Flex product will expand 6"-8" inches in diameter securing a tight fit against the interior chimney walls. Furan Flex thermo-resin technology creates a final product that not only relines the interior of the chimney, the concrete -like strength of the final product will also reinforce the structural safety of the existing chimney construction from the inside walls of the chimney. Reline and reinforce the stability of the most difficult to line and out dated chimney construction with the Furan Flex UL backed chimney lining system. Eliminate the need for multiple breeches to the existing chimney structure and add stability to the interior of the chimney with the rock-solid fit of The Furan Flex Chimney Lining system.

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The perfect venting solution for brownstones, pre-war chimneys, and commercial sites.
furan flex logo - Chimney Restoration in Clifton, NJ
Furan Flex insert - Chimney Restoration in Clifton, NJ
Furan Flex insert - Chimney Restoration in Clifton, NJ